What does the Efbet.com's Affiliate program represent?


Welcome to Efbet.com’s affiliate program

You own a website and your clients are interested in sports, casino games and poker.You do not own a website but you have lots of friends which would like to gamble.You can get a commission only for pointing the Efbet.com – a website that offers one of the best conditions to play in the best odds and the greatest business proposals to its partners.

Efbet.com is one of the few online gambling operators that commissions for recruited customers since they are active in Efbet.com, no restrictions at all for receiving your remuneration.

First step

Make a registration

Make a registration in Efbet’s affiliate program on Efbet.com after you fill in and send the application blank.

Second step

Spread the word about Efbet.com

We offer a great variety of promotional materials with which we will help you to promote Efbet.com

Step three

Start earning money

After your inclusion to Efbet.com’s Affiliate program you will start winning commission from all players which you directed to Efbet.com.


Questions and Answers you might ask

How does the Affiliate program works?

It is really simple actually. Once your application for the Affiliate program is approved you will be given an active Affiliate account.

Affiliates that promote Efbet.com online with their own website will be given access to the section “Advertising Materials”, where we have plenty of advertisement materials you can use in your own website. This section includes materials such as Buttons and Banners which are automatically updated when there is a new event or promotion in Efbet.com. Every single registration made by a link from your website will be added into your Affiliate account and you will start getting commission for each one registration according to our partnership conditions.

Affiliates that does not have their own website but promote Efbet.com in a other way will get an unique Affiliate ID and printed advertising materials. On these promotional materials could be printed different kind of promotions and bonuses for new players which are making registrations with your own Affiliate code. Each one of the new registrations that includes your code in the application for registration will be included into your Affiliate account and you will start earning commission according to our partnership conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Efbet.com’s Affiliate program?

Efbet’s Affiliate program is a professional marketing system used by individuals and companies in order to popularize gambling operator.

Efbet.com offers to its affiliates some of the best conditions for playing, the best coefficients and the best business deals.

Efbet.com is one of the few online gambling operators who pay commission for the clients attracted by you for the entire period in which they are active on Efbet.com without imposing time limits on collection of payments.


How can I join Efbet.com’s affiliate program?

Go to affiliates.еfbet.com and press “Sign up”. An application form appears. Your application will be considered within 48 working hours.

Do I have to pay any fee to join Efbet.com’s affiliate program?

You can join Efbet.com’s affiliate program absolutely free of charge.

I haven’t got an Internet site. Can I join Efbet.com’s affiliate program?

Yes, you can join Efbet.com’s program by filling in the application form. In this case, on approval of your application, you will receive a unique affiliate code used by Efbet.com to monitor the clients you have attracted.

How does Efbet.com know that I have attracted a certain client?

Each player registered with Efbet.com through a link on your site or every player who on signing up enters your affiliate code, is added to your affiliate account and you start earning commission for this player as per our terms and conditions for affiliation.

What payment will I receive?

1. As agreed between us you will receive a share of the net profit for each client who signs up through your site or through your affiliate code. For details see our Terms and Conditions.

2. The bets and the participation in gambling games of all clients recommended by you are included in your commission.


How can I receive printed advertising materials?

Printed advertising materials are only provided to affiliates who attract clients offline, i.e. who have no web.

Once your application has been received, we will contact you to agree on the manner in which you can receive the printed advertising materials. Along with the advertising materials you will receive your unique affiliate code which enables us to monitor all clients recommended by you.

How can I add links to my website?

Once your application has been received, you will get access to your affiliate account.Once you log on to your affiliate account, you will gain access to our advertising page where you can find banners suitable for your webpage. At the end of each banner you will find a code which can be copied and inserted in the code of your website. T

he banner(s) chosen by you are updated automatically for advertising the latest event or promotion.

How many links to Efbet.com can I have?

You may have as many links as you like. The more banners/links you have on your site, the better your chance of more recommended clients.

Can I use the logo or contents of Efbet.com on my site?

Once you sign up for our program, you will receive access to all kinds of buttons, banners and text links. You must use (approved) graphs and text links that you’ve received. You are not allowed to alter any banners or buttons without the prior consent of Efbet.com. If in doubt about your rights to use or alter materials for your site, please send an email to affiliate@Efbet.com to discuss the case.

How can I create text links?

This program has been designed for professionals; for this reason we do not provide webmaster support. Should you need support, look for help on the issues you are interested in.


How can I check the statistics for my account?

First you need to log on to your affiliate account. Once you’re in, press the “Statistics” link to the left and you will see the statistics for each period.

How often are account statistics updated?

The statistics under the affiliate program are updated every 24 hours. When viewing the statistics, please keep in mind they are not real-time. If you like, you can send us an email and we’ll try to provide the most recent statistics.


What will happen if my affiliate account shows a negative net income?

Your affiliate account will have a negative balance if your clients earn more than they lose. This may happen from time to time, but in principle your balance should be positive.

For example: for period 2 your account may show a negative income. You will not be asked to return the previous month’s commission to compensate for this imbalance. You must wait until the results generated by new clients (or a new activity of existing clients) reach positive net income for you in order to receive the payment of your next commission.

Your commission is a percentage of the net profit of your clients. If your net profit is negative or lower than the minimum payment amount, you will not receive your new commission until the balance on your account becomes positive.

How can I get my commission?

Commissions are wired to the registered client account of the affiliate in Efbet.com. Each period equals one calendar month.

Does my location matter?

Efbet.com attracts affiliates from all over the world except from the USA and France.

Visitors who click on your link to Efbet.com receive a cookie link for 1 day. If he or she opens an account within the validity of a cookie, he or she is your customer permanently while playing at Efbet!

How can I change my password?

To change your password, please log on to your account on affiliate.еfbet.com, go to the User Data screen and write your new password.

How can I change my personal data (company, name, address)?

To change your data, please send an e-mail to affiliate@еfbet.com with the data you would like to be changed.

What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you forget your password, please go to http://affiliate.еfbet.com and press “Request new password”. You must enter your registered e-mail. Your new password will be send to your e-mail. Please check your e-mail’s spam options as some e-mail servers might filter automatically generated emails.

Who we are?

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